Do we know unbelievable Benefits of Clapping? Part 1

डा. जे.के.गर्ग
डा. जे.के.गर्ग
“Clapping” is merely not a Simple Striking of Hands as we think but truly it is much more .
Usually People clap to Appreciate others for their Good works or achievements or when they themself are in mood of Joy. People also Clap while they are Singing songs, listening Bhajans, and doing Prayers at Mandir or Holy places. Scientifically proved fact is that Clapping is very effective Exercise to cure many Human Diseases. Undoubtedly Clapping activates the Receptors in the Palms and cause activation of the large area of the Brain which leads the improvement in Health. It may be strange but it is true that there are 39 different Acupressure points for almost all Organs on our Palm which are activated by Clapping. Hence Clapping improves Your Health slowly but effectively.
In order to keep ourself Fit, Chearfull and active we should do clapping for 5-15 minutes in morning.
(A) Clapping is an effective but free Medicine for the Person who suffers from Digestive Disorder.
(B). Clapping is Best Cure for Back pain, Neck pain and Joint pain.
Edited and compiled by —Dr. J. K. Garg

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