First Vaishya Samrat Agrasen Pioneer of NON-VIOLENCE & SOCIALISM part 5

dr. j k garg
Agresen’s pedigree is knownas AGARWAL. Agarwal has Eighteen GOTRAS (Subcast). The Names ofthese Gotra are not in the name of his sons. The Names of 18 Gotrasare derived from the names of 18 MEHRISHI & RISHI MUNI, who hadconducted the YAGA. First Gotra is after the name of MAHARISHI GARG whosupervises the First YAGA and so on. 18 Gotra of Agarwal are asfollows—Garg,Tayal,Kuchhal,Goyan,Bhandel,Mangal,Mittal,Bansal,Bindal, Counsal,Nagal,Singhal, Goyal,Tingal,Jindal,Dharan, Madhukul and Airen.MANAGEMENTMAHAGURUMaharajaAgrasen and Maharani Madhivee kept their large family united and taught theirchildren the importance of human values, mutual trust, coexistence, toleranceand respect to one another and also to everyone else. In this sense even in thepresent contest King Agrasen can be called safely and without anydoubt MANAGEMENT MAHAGURU.The Population of Agarwalsin India is approximately more than 8 crore. Agarwals are spread over inall parts of INDIA i.e in East, West, North, South, far East. Even in almost all parts of World . Undoubtedly AGARWALS are Contributing alot in all developmental Programme of the country. Hundreds of schools,colleges, Charitable Dharmshalas are being opened by the AGARWALS.Presence of Agarwals is felt in every Sphere I.e Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers,Judges, Chartered Accountants, Information Technology, Trade, Industries ofdifferent sectors, Textiles, Infrastructure,Teaching Community , Scientistsetc. etc. They contribute a major portion towards Income Tax too. TheAgarwals Provide employment to thousands of men and women in the country. Theyprovide employment to many in other countries where they live. Their averageper ca-pita income is higher than the National per ca-pita Income of Indians.Every Agarwal is contributing to make the country strong and Prosperous. Howeverthey lack one thing i,e unity among themselves. AGARWALS willCelebrate AGRASEN JAYANTI on 26 September 2022Dr J K GARGFormer Joint Director ofCollege Education Jaipur

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