Popular probable contestant Big Boss 10 Raj Mahajan’s life in trouble by his Dabang wife

Music Director Raj Mahajan
Music Director Raj Mahajan
life become bitter with better-half, looks Bigg Boss as a good platform to communicate with kids.
Bigg Boss 10 talks are just starting out. With the big names like Radhe Maa, Kabir Bedi, Shiney Ahuja, Sana Saeed, Sunil Grover, name of Raj Mahajan as a probable contestant is going viral in the news on all the leading news portals, news-channels, YouTube and Social Media. When Raj was asked about the names of other contestant in Bigg Boss’ house, Raj said, “I am also getting news from various news-portals. I am happy to hear my name as a probable contestant in Bigg Boss. It will be exciting to share house with other mates in the house. It is matter of joy to be a guest in the house of Bigg Boss. I will love to join if I am invited by Bigg Boss.”
Raj has had a very controversial married life. We got to know few facts about his life when asked from sources who know Raj closely. Raj had been a victim of mental torture by his blusterer wife and in-laws. Raj had come to know about the shady and absurd deeds of his in-laws which led to the troubles in the life of Raj Mahajan. They used to threaten Raj igniting the sparks to the quarrels in the Raj’s home.
To be noted that Raj had received absurd threatening letters from an unknown person, and complaint for the same was registered in Shakarpur police station. On 11th November, 2016 on the day of Diwali, his dabang wife roughed-up with Raj Mahajan. She further abused badly and used derogative terms for Raj Mahajan which was not intolerable for a respected citizen. It was done with a will to take revenge as in-laws Raj Mahajan had already roughed-up with him just a day before Diwali at his residence in Vaishali, Ghaziabad. Due to the defamation in the society he felt perturbed and depressed. He left home and started living separately. Raj, bounded in love with his children, started going back to home to see his children. Father of his wife again started threatening for life to Raj Mahajan. He could not tolerate more and left home again. This time he filed a case for divorce to control over the troubles created by his in-laws and influenced dabang wife. Although, Raj was living separately from his home, his knots were tied in love with his children; he started living once again with his kids. This time, the circumstances were changed. Raj had no privacy in his own home. His home was now equipped by CCTV and spy cameras being monitored by his in-laws through internet from their home. In his absence, his flat was almost captured by his in-laws. Now this time, with an intension to capture the flat and to defame Mahajan, Raj’s wife and her brother put an allegation of gold jewellery-theft and extra marital affair on Raj Mahajan in the police station of Vaishali, Ghaziabad. According to Raj, the gold-jewellery has been stolen by his wife’s brother. Raj claims that actual culprit can be caught in the light of proper investigation by the police. Note that Raj’s wife has alleged on Raj Mahajan many times about extra marital affair with many persons including her own Bhabhi (brother’s wife). Raj faced defamation again in his society because of the allegation put by his wife. When Police asked the CCTV footage from his wife, she denied giving any footage. But, this time, Raj didn’t stop going home has he had promised with his kids not to leave them. But, he could not keep the promise due to trouble given by his wife. The dabang wife had captured the flat keys from Raj. Raj had to wait for hours outside his own flat as he had no keys with him. And, once more again, he left the home after feeling sorry to his children for keeping promise. Since then, Raj is living separate from the family. He has approached children’s school for the permission to meet his children in the school premises. But, a written application from the mother of the children has been submitted for not allowing Raj to see the children. Indigent Raj had been victim of absurd allegation from his dabang wife since he married her. Raj says that his mother-in-law is also involved in bewitchment and he has proof to it.
Well, after the unsuccessful marriage Raj is now living separate. So these are some secrets of the controversial life of Raj Mahajan’s married life, which have been opened this time. Raj says, “I wanted a straight life without any politics which has been ruined by my in-laws. I am suffering due to my integrity and goodness. I kept my wife as a queen, but she destroyed the kingdom under the influence of her mother-father and brothers. If I join the house of Bigg Boss, my kids will be able to watch me daily on the TV. Bigg Boss may become a good platform for me to communicate with my children.”
Raj advises to all the parents, “”The parents who interfere in their daughter’s family after the marriage, somewhere they ruin their daughter’s life. Talking to the daughter for hours on phone is the key reason for spoiling marriages.”
Apart from the controversial life, Raj Mahajan is a music composer & director, lyricist, poet, singer, TV host and a storyteller. He is founder & managing director of famous record label Moxx Music Company and BinacaTunes Media Pvt. Ltd. He achieved his milestone without any support of a godfather and huge capital. He used to appear on small-screen on a TV-Talk show ‘Music Masti with Raj Mahajan’ where he would talk with popular faces about their life. An episode with bollywood singer late Labh Janjua remained controversial because of negative comments by Late Labh Janjua about Bollywood in the talk show. Raj has worked in more than 100 music albums as a music director and produced more than 1000 songs in various languages under the label of Moxx Music. Raj is working towards the upliftment of Hindi language. Recently, he has produced poem-video with UP Minister Kavi Sunil Jogi and Laughter Challenge Fame Comedian Rajeev Malhotra in order to promote the art of poesy in Hindi. He is also engaged in the development of slum-kids in his lonely time.
However, Raj did not achieve such a big milestone very easily. Raj had lived a difficult time since his childhood. Raj had to work small jobs like cybercafe, phone-Booth operator, kachori-samosa Seller, Lottery-Seller, lathe-machine operator, hostel manager, video games parlor operator, DTP operator, photostate copier operator, etc. Raj had to leave his study prematurely.
Might be, till yesterday very few people knew about Raj Mahajan. But, the news and rumours of Raj Mahajan as a probable contestant in Bigg Boss have made him famous in a very short time and the number of his fans and followers are increasing day by day. However, fans of the Raj Mahajan are excited to watch him in the house of big boss.

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