Vaishy Maharaja Agresen—Staunch Believer in SOCIALISM and NON-VIOLENCE Part 3

डा. जे.के.गर्ग
डा. जे.के.गर्ग
Pioner of Sociaism—Architact of Self-Reliance ——– It is held that about one lakh people lived in AGREYEN ( The Agarwal’s Kingdom)– Maharaja Agresen believed that every citizen of his state should be selfdependent and be a Enterpur. Therefore he made it customery and compulsory that every new entrant to the city be given one Brick and One rupee to start his own trade and also build his own house. This was a true spirit of Socialism and self-reliance.
Estiblishment of Democracy and welfare state—-Agresen lived a simple life with high morals. He believe that one should divide his earing in four parts viz one part should be spent for family’s day todays work, one part for his business development, another part should be used developing public utalities and wellfre and fourth part should be saved for future and state development works. He developed concept of social cooperation. He built several Dharmshalas, hosipital, liberary, school etc. Thus the concept of social wellbeing and communal health, Education and allround progress and goodwill should be provided by both the ruller and the ruled. It was also the forerunner of Democracy and in a way self determination and also self GOVERNANCE.
Agresen had 18 sons.. Agresen had divded his kingdom in 18 substaate. One representive from each substate constitutes Governing council to administer the Kingdom. In this way he was among the first king who established Democracy in his kingdom. He taught his countrymen to lead a judiciaous.
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