FROM Memory lane

Devi Nangrani
Today when the cardiac rehabilitation escort came to drop me back after the therapy, there were other two ladies already seated in the car. Making myself comfortable in the back seat with them, I wished them a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY as it was 11 May on Friday and the sunday was to be the mothers day.
“Wish you a very happy mothers day to you.” said the youngest of the two, giving me a beautiful flower from the bouque she was holding. I felt good and with a golden smile of sunshine turned to her-”thanq so very much, and wish you both the same. May I know your name ?” I addressed the lady who offered me the flower.
“Gloria, was the reply
‘Thankyou Gloria for making my day fragrant with wishes. It is my birthday today.”
‘Oh so nice, wish you a very very happy birthday to you Dear….!”
“Thanq so much, I was just thinking that God cannot be everywhere, so he has made a mother for every child. Today I feel that god wanted me to cherish this joy so he send you two angels, to present me the fragrant flower. Thanq once again.” I looked at both of them and smiled.
“By the way how do you celebrate this Mother’s Day and spend your time’
‘Oh it is on 13th which is a Sunday. My daughter will call me tomorrow and ask me’ Mom what are you doing tomorrow’
‘Me, nothing much but. I shall plant new buds on Sunday in my flower garden. as summer is approaching.’
‘Mom rbe ready at 12:30 on Sunday, we both will go out for lunch.’
Turning to Me Gloria continued ‘She will present me with flowers and some gifts, Caress me and kiss me and that’s it.this is a way of showing thankfulnessto the Mother that day. ‘
‘Do you also give her flowers…..?
‘ Oh no. Her children will do that for her’ and she laughed heartily.
‘ I’m her mother, she is her children’s Mother.’
A thought crossed my mind. simple calculated relation do the Americans have. no complication.
They live, they enjoy life as they grow. They think they have One Life to Live, but they do live life specially after 60 and do enjoy and share the spirits with many friends, party picnics, clubs, outings, going on cruises with senior citizen groups,, and spend lavishly on themselves by going to parlors, shopping, dining, drinking and making themselves happy.
Unlike that, the Indians have a different mentality. They think about children, their future by being thrifty for themselves. Now I remember the words of an escort who was 55 years old driving towards the hospital at Holy Name Hospital, she had said-’ this is the time, We take good care of ourselves, eat good, enjoy life with family and friends .
Me being 75. Thought how true is that practical mode of life. They get retirement, medical assistance every month. They spend the allotted money of their security in that month and get a new check the following month that keeps them surviving without any tension , without any liability.
THAT is a good piece of Advice to be taken on this Mother’s Day from an American mother to an Indian mother.

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