Unbelievable Benefits of Clapping Part 2

dr. j k garg
Here are various benefits of Clapping———

(A) Clapping is an effective but free Medicine for the Person who suffers from Digestive Disorder.

(B). Clapping is Best Cure for Back pain, Neck pain and Joint pain.

(C). Clapping is very beneficial for elderly persons as age related problems of GOUT can be easily cured by Clapping.

(D). Clappins also helpful for those who suffers from Low Blood Pressure.

(E). Clapping is useful for those who are suffering from Heart and Lung related disease as Clapping plays an important role in curing these diseases also.Clapping removes the obstacles from the Main and Collateral Channels and keeps You Fit and Healthy.

(F). It is also said that Children who practice clapping exercise daily make only few Spelling mistakes and are Hard worker than others.It improves their Handwriting.The whole abstract of above given points is, Clapping sharpens the Brain of the Children.

(G). It can be safely concluded that Clapping increases the Immunity of the Person which provides the Strength to the Human body to fight against Diseases.

So make a habit and self promise that you will clap clap clap every day and retain your Good health.

Edited and compiled by —Dr. J. K. Garg

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