The Biggest PR Network of India entered International and Joined hands With Novum Worldwide.

Don’t set limits because you have unlimited potential.
‘Set a limit’ is not in my dictionary because I am limitless’. The feather of hope and determination keeps flying until it touches the sky. New avenues always await for one who drives himself with such determination and welcomes new challenges and new opportunities.
Way back in 2006 when PR 24×7 was established in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, many set a limit for it by calling it another Heartland agency but with the attitude of ‘keep moving on’, the company became central India’s no.1 PR agency in a very few years of its establishment, while other PR firms were trying to cope up with it. PR 24×7 lead the competition on the next level by becoming north India’s number one Public Relations company with the strongest network, while many think that Mr. Atul Malikram, founder of the company take a rest for a while, he continuous his journey and set another benchmark by entering International and becoming partners with Novum Worldwide.
Stretching to Dubai from South Asia and beyond, Novum Worldwide is the brainchild of the Dutch Communication agency Glasnost. The partnership between the two experienced players of the industry aims to enable and empower customers to work with communication experts across the country.
“We all have the desire and courage to move forward, nothing can stop one If he is determined to move further. Why do you bind yourself to Geographical barriers? break them and explore the world. Novum Worldwide is the perfect platform where you can meet world-class clients, share your knowledge and experience and can work together.” Said Atul.

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