Know the palaces where Goddess Laxmi prefer to reside?

डा. जे.के.गर्ग
Goddess Lax mi is worshiped by all those who wish to posses and preserve wealth, Physical comforts, Good luck and Good Fortune. It is believed that Lax mi will reside only in those homes which are clean and where the people are hard working, truthful, dutiful, selfless, just and have kind heart, Where the person respect human being (Men-Women) without considerations of Cast ,Religion, Colour and respectful to elders and neighbors. At the same time Lax mi avoid residing in those home and palaces which are unclean/dirty or where the people are lazy, selfish, egoist, and does not respect women and elders and Love kids.

Usually all of us clean and decorate our home on the DIWALI with light to welcome Goddess Lax mi but never make sincere efforts to clean our Soul where anger, jealousy, unlimited desires, Lust, Greed and hatred reside. If we are able to eradicate them, then certainly GODDESS LAX MI will stay in our HEART as well as in our HOME for ever and thousands of lamps of her BLISS will always light up in our Home and our working places.

Goddess Lax mi love all those who possess positive attitude instead of negative and suspicious thinking and make sincere efforts to achieve their goal, possess a vision, forms a ladder of cooperation with their near and dear one and neighbors, and eager to spend time with them to share their sorrows their worries as well as pleasure.

However Goddess Lax mi does not like suspicious, lazy, make excuses, having a habit of postponing work, afraid of change, avoid taking risk, fearful. It may also be mentioned that Goddess Lax mi will like to reside at a place where intelligent and Wise man are honored and respected but not insulted, Fools and dishonest persons are kept at a distance, where husband–wife lives like two body but one soul and where there is mutual cooperation rather then family infighting.

PS—However in present age what we see and observe is contrary to our belief i.e wealth is accumulated with those who are involved in unlawful activities and crimes. Persons who are successful in fooling masses by their false promise and might ? Why Honest persons are starving? Why illiterate persons passes orders to intelligent and dignified persons? Why Mata Lax mi blessed who divide the society in the name of Caste,Religion? Why Lax mi blessed those who spread misunderstanding and bitterness instead of mutual love and cooperation between different section of society?It seems that this Lax mi is KALYUGI Lax mi and as such so called wealthy persons have no mental peace and suffers by guilt of their wrong doing. certainly at one stage in their life time the are severally punished by nature and GOD.

Dr J.K. Garg

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