Make self commitments to make 365 days of 2019 Comfortable,Successful, Purposeful and Enjoyable

डा. जे.के.गर्ग
Will not utter unpleasant or abusive words even when I am in the state of anger.Will never justify my ANGER, as one wrong cannot justify another wrong.

I will always keep on moving ahead —- simply keep moving———- One Thought, One Step at one time

Will always perform My assign work with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and Smile on my Face.

I will be JUST to everyone, as Greatness lies not only in doing JUSTICE to others, but lies equally in not tolerating injustice done to anyone.

I will always remain POLITE and KIND (in action and deeds).

I will THANK to each and everyone for whatever they have done for me.I will convey Thanks to

My PARENTS (Living or Dead) (Who have blessed me with my Body and Soul).Our TEACHER and GURU (who have blessed me with Knowledge and Understanding).Mother EARTH (which gifts me with shelter and relief)GOD–The Omnipresent, the Omnipotent and the Omniscient.

Resolve that I will not expect anything from others nor I will ignore any one. I Will Accepts Others as They Are. I will Love Everyone Unconditionally.

I will follow the Principle of ‘FORGIVE and FORGET. And Live and others to Live.

I will remember that “Good deeds bestow Goodness and Gratitude and Evil deeds invoke hat-red and Enmity.

I will banish the word –IMPOSSIBLE from My Personal Dictionary.

I will Always do my work and duty with utmost GOODWILL. I will always feel GOOD .

I will always keep in my mind that Life is finite while knowledge is infinite.

I will follow the principle that “Knowledge Speaks and Wisdom Listens”

I will never indulge in Criticizing others nor I will compare one another, I will always Appreciate Good deeds of others. Ensure that My Each and Every Actions or Deeds should provide comforts, joys and pleasure to others,Never cheat any one knowingly or unknowingly .

I will Do Yoga and Light exercise regularly. I will be regular in my Morning Walk. I will take every care about My Health as I belive If Health is Lost Every Thing is Lost.

I will be Always SMILE, and Sing and spread Happiness and Enjoy Life to its Fullest.

Dr. J.K. Garg
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