Prayer Part 4

Prayer is building Trust

j k garg
Prayer is a going process. It takes time, commitment, and discipline. Prayer is not meant to happen only in times of desperation. It is meant to be an ongoing conversation with the creator.

Praying people have experienced miracles which are the answers to their continuous prayers.

Imagine a miracle that would take place—like the healing of some sick near and dear one, the rapprochement of a broken relationship, or the redeeming of a seemingly hopeless situation. All these are the answers to our prayers. Miracles become Happening events !

Prayer ………. It’s forms and beliefs…….:

Oh God: I do not know how you look like! Please give your Darshan to us in any form —–as in the form of ALLAH, JESIUS, VAHEGURU, Brahma-Vishnu-Maesh, Budha , Mahivra —–

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