Once again coming back to the Evergreen Senior Center, colonia, the seniors of Woodridge performing regular course of activities that fulfill their needs pertaining to physical mental and moral welfare.
A real tour to Exercise-In fact the lively life unit for all seniors.
Today is Monday the 13 May, Sunday 12, being a mother’s day all ladies are wishing each other ‘Good Morning’ with a sunshine of joy on their faces-smiling, lively and cracking jokes to bring cheerful effect on each other. Just sharing and sharing the bond of friendhip with each other. MOTHER’s Day is 12 May but frienship day has no time limit, date limit and boundaries.
As I entered the Exercise room at 9.am I saw Tekla Farina sitting on a chair ready to start the day. Meet Tekla and Roopan.

Good morming Tekla? How are you this day.?
Good! How about you?
Good! I replied tapping her shoulder. She smiled
Did you not stand in the rain to grow tall? she smiled as she said.
It took me a while to get to her sense of humour.
Oh yes, what a weather. Day before yesterday hot, yesterday cold, and today raining. I did wet myself a bit.
Then Looking at her tricolored T-Shirt with a bunch of flowers buckled up, I pointed to them and asked her.
’Did you water your flowers today?’ I responded with the same sense of humour.
‘Oh Yes’ I soaked myself in rain.’ she responded promptly. By then Roopan approached us and I took this picture.
“Young ladies Smile” I said as I clicked.
“I am not young, you are young” said Tekla pointing finger at me. We three laughed simultaneously as I said-“we are all in the same boat”.
“No, I am going to be 95 in 3 months.” she said smilingly as you can see.
I am amazed at the spirit that the seniors carry here in USA as compared India. Me being 78 on 11 may, am young as she said. True, it is the mental state of mind that makes one feel this or the other way. Looks like, it is all in the mind.

And would you believe this, as I come to the computer lab, I see her sitting and playing a game.
‘I am palying ‘MahjongTitans’ she said pointing to the name at the top of the cards spread out in her front. Vow amazingly alert and fabulous. I was fascinated and parallel surprised at the action and reaction of this lady with a spontaneous wit, who walks independently with the help of her walker, puts her coat in the hangers provided by the center, before exercise and puts it back after the class and walks through the main door towards her bus. I must salute the volunteers who are so helpful, that I fall short of words to appreciate them.
It is not the time, the place or the people as individuals, but it is the atmosphere at this Colonia center that is really EVERGREEN, making everybody feel great in the company of each other, which they are enjoying from many years.
I wish that every country, every city should have more such centers for local seniors to live more lively, think healthy and live healthy. AMIN
Devi Nangrani
Sindhi Katha Sagar at:
“चराग़े-दिल” ग़ज़ल-संग्रह का विमोचन

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