Ann Fitzsimmons an ever smiling dedicated Volunteer of the EVERGREEN Senior Center, is a morning sunshine to greet the seniors with a warm smile and a hug as she is mostly seen in the hallway as one enters the main door. She is either seen in the coffee room where she is busy as a bee doing the refilling of cups, tea bags, sugar, milk, napkins, or may be the stirrers. Just taking care of the smallest need of the participating seniors.
Before the exercise starts on Monday morning at 9.15 a.m. she brings in the hall, a trolley of tumbles, stretch bands, and the colorful balls as you see her standing with all the equipment that are used on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. She doesn’t forget to put the signing sheets as and when and where required to be signed by the participants.
She also displays many different magazines on these days, so any member can read or take it home to bring it back when done with it.
In the month of November and December she displays a bunch of calendars- big and small and anyone can take that for the following year. Moreover she is a wonderful guide to answer any question asked and always directs the person in the right direction.
On the day of the movie or any planned luncheon day she takes care to give final touch to the required needs of the show , may it be popcorn, or the laying of tables set for lunch with help of other ladies, as all are active participants In the programs that are set beforehand.
Ann(ie) is busy bee toiling around from the time she comes to the time she leaves the center. I really salute to the senior smiling, toiling members that make this center as an Evergreen center.

Devi Nangrani

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