ATCS offers secure ‘Work from Home’ infrastructure to its employees to prevent against COVID-19 crisis

Jaipur, 06 March, 2020:The outbreak of COVID-19 has been a cause for concern for all countries across the globe. The World Health Organization, to address the crisis, declared its theme -‘Giving people access to healthcare without the prospect of financial hardship’.ATCS (Advanced Technology Consulting Service) isaglobal IT consulting firm which focusses on providing digital and analytics solutions to Fortune 500 companies.In order to support the WHO theme, ATCS has kept a vigilant eye on the outbreak of this global pandemic.
Mr.Sanjul Vaish, Managing Director – ATCS India, said, “Amidst the nationwide lockdown and news floating in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, ATCS closely monitored the outbreakvia its social listening team and came across few observations such as:Around 50% (in a sample size of 150,000 online conversations observed for a weeks duration) of the workforce seemed to be in favour of proposed employee centered policy. Regarding the aspect of Health and Safety which has been a prominent concern, employees expressed various opinionsin support of WFH as a safety measure in the prevailing scenario.”.
Sanjul Vaish further elaborated, “A major fact that emerged out of the observation was that around 20 lakhs of IT employees are expected to work from home- even though it could hurt operations flow,yet the top management of establishments are supporting ‘Work from Home’ in view of social distancing and to safeguard employees. Companies are now revisitingtheir focus on employees’ productivity during WFH and developing innovative mails and contests for ensuring the same.”.
Mr.Amit Kanoongo, Director – ATCS India, said, “At ATCS, we have followed strict norms on maintaining hygiene for our employees’ benefits. To support the theme announced by WHO, ATCS has been at the forefront,wherein we appointed a dedicated support group to scrutinize the hygiene standards in our office premises, where sanitizers are being used to clean electronic devices, equipment, doorhandles, lift buttons, etc., multiple times a day. Anyone who travelled from overseas were asked to quarantine themselves for 15 days even when it is not mandatedby the government.”.
ATCS also applies a Corporate Insurance Policy for employees that covers Corona Virus positive patients in accordance with the prevalent IRDA norms.

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