Prayer Part 3

j k garg
prayer is not meant to be a magic remedy for fulfilling wants , needs and desires. The pinpoint purpose of prayer is developing a relationship with the Almighty. Therefore, Prayer “works” in the manner, as if it builds, enhances, solidifies and deepens the relationship between the one who prays and the one to whom prayers are directed.

Prayer can be an ongoing conversation with God, but does it make any difference?

Usually when you talk to someone, you can hear his or her response to you. But prayer is different. Prayer looks like you’re basically just talking to yourself.

How do you talk with someone who doesn’t necessarily talk back—audibly, at least? And if you believe that God not only listens to prayers but answers them too, how do you distinguish your own thoughts and feelings from God’s answers? To this Saints and Sermons have from times immemorial sought answers but not found the Ultimate Truth.

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