International fashion icon Mrs. Razdan joined ITWA

ITWA is a great platform for women empowerment as they focus on encouraging women form various backgrounds to develop and build their confidence and boost their self esteem. Additionally It gives them the opportunity to realise their potential and also provides them with a platform to showcase their talent and achieve their dreams.

In my opinion It’s important in a developing economy and a growing county like India, that we provide women with such opportunities. This was one of the main reasons why I was interested in being associated with ITWA and it’s because of this that I participated as a judge in the February 2018 event hosted in Jaipur. From here my journey started and today I’m working with them as their national director for Singapore.

After Organising so many successful state fashion shows, ITWA is now Organising a National level show. This will be taking place in February 2019 in Delhi and will be the finale to an ongoing hunt for contestants from all states of India. 4 contestants will be selected by the individual state directors. From here they will enter stage 1 of the finale where only 1 out for the 4 will be selected as the state winners. In the 2nd round only the state winners will participate, and this stage will conclude with the selection of the winner and 1st and 2nd runner up’s of the event.

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